Friday, August 19, 2005

The Long War

Amazingly, only hours after posting this morning's post, which mentions the 2+ trillion dollars missing from the Pentagon and wondering if anyone remembers it, I received an e-mail linking to the above "Long War" article, detailing where some of those trillions seem to be going. The article is rather long and rambling and a bit repetitive, but following the links within it could surprise and educate most anyone willing to take the time.

The duality of life continues, as I spent much of the day rehearsing music with friends, having the time of my life, while simultaneously my tax dollars (few though they are) are at work, fueling divisive, coercive warfare at home and abroad against people so much like me that it's scary. I drove from Napa to Petaluma as the gorgeous August full moon rose over Napa's vineyard-covered hills, knowing that only hours before the same moon rose over scenes of devastation and death in Iraq, Sudan, Haiti, and who knows where else...much of it the product of those same dollars.


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