Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Murder by Numbers

So I finally got around to finding a copy of the Sting and the Police tune, Murder by Numbers, which I knew I'd seen floating around on one of the Mac desktops. Found it on the G3. Traveldrove it to the iMac, where I dragged it into iTunes for a listen. Ah. Now it comes back to me.

Rhythm in strong 6/8 overlying a hard 4/4. Guitar chords like nothing I'd ever heard when I encountered it, oh, 20 or so years ago. A friend wanted me to teach it to him. That meant I had to learn it. It took me a few listens just now to figure it out again.

It has a chord progression unique as far as I know. Verse is E-7 to A-7(#5) to F#-7 to Fmaj7. Then the chorus is a fairly standard E-, F#-, G, F#-, repeating a few times.

Mabe we'll try it tonite at the practice at Jessel's. Mary Jenson has the words. And fine words they are, indeed.


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