Friday, August 26, 2005

Cosmic Iguana - Voice of the Evil Doers

Honest, the Cosmic Iguana - Voice of the Evil Doers is one heck of a blog. I find invaluable stuff blogged there almost daily. One mentioned today is about the Iraq constitution thing. I read the other day about how insane the whole concept is. Namely, here we have an Occupied Country being forced by its Occupier to draft a constitution, in a country that's nearly at a civil war, by parties who have irreconcilable differences, on a timetable being dictated by the Occupier. Insane.

Imagine, if you will, if I may be indulged the apparently Forbidden Nazi Comparison, if the Nazis had forced the Occupied French to write a new constitution, while under occupation. I suppose the Allies would have said, oh, they've written a constitution? In that case, eveything's just fine.

And, by the way, under Saddam there was a constitution, which happened to be just dandy. Of course, he disregarded it whenever it suited him, but that's not too different from what's happening here, is it? Here where the Supreme Court makes a judgment, like the ruling where the Guantanamo inmates are required to have representation and a day in court, and the Executive branch simply ignores it? Where the Judicial branch says that the American Indian nations have been royally screwed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and they again ignore it? Where the Constitution has explicit language designating the Congress as having powers to make rules about holding prisoners in times of war, and the Executive ignores it?

Iraq had, I seem to recall, one of the fairest, most enlightened constitutions in the Middle East. That was then. This new one seems to give supreme power over laws to Islamic law. Women used to have jobs in government and business, and the whole culture was quite westernized. Oh well! Honor our troops!

Another post is about the price gouging going on in the Oil Industry. Just because the price of oil has skyrocketed, one would think this would cut into the profits of the industry. Oh, but quite the contrary! Profits are likewise skyrocketing. It's the American Way. Honor our troops!

Meanwhile, I seem to have entered warp speed with the music stuff. Just got a call from a friend who's a dynamite singer who wants me accompany him on this week's edition of his weekly gig in San Francisco at a place called the Beach Challet. Or something like that. Should be fun. And tomorrow morning it's off with the Zephyr boys to San Jose to become one of the Strolling Cowboy Singers at some event at Kelly Park, whereever that is. Paying gigs. LIfe is good.


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