Monday, October 16, 2006

Our Rigged Elections - Mark Crispin Miller

I saw Miller just over a week ago, for the second time. He's electrifying. He's terrifying. If you get a chance to see Miller in person, do it. Read his book, Fooled Again.

Washington Spectator Online:
"Even though this election could go either way, neither way will benefit the Democrats. Either the Republicans will steal their 're-election' on Election Day, just as they did two years ago, or they will slime their way to 'victory' through force and fraud and strident propaganda, as they did after Election Day 2000. Whichever strategy they use, the only way to stop it is to face it, and then shout so long and loud about it that the people finally perceive, at last, that their suspicions are entirely just—and, this time, just say no."


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