Sunday, October 08, 2006

Winning those ole' hearts and minds in Iraq

Watching America (original article in Al Zaraa (Arabic):
"Babylon: While driving on the wrong road in the Nile region of Babil Province, an Iraqi citizen driving an Opel was killed in a collision with a vehicle belonging to American forces, eyewitnesses have told the Zarwaa Media Network. The incident took place at 7:30 am yesterday morning [September 24th].

U.S. troops remained at the scene to inspect the vehicle, examine documents and generally act aggressively toward the passenger that survived the incident. Two Iraqi bystanders tried to apologize to the American troops and clarify the matter, saying that it was merely a traffic accident. But the Americans were unconcerned and wouldn't listen. Then, after spraying the two bystanders with incendiary materiel, the Americans set the two Iraqis alight and departed in their vehicle, leaving the flames to consume their corpses."
Doesn't really matter if it's true. It's what's believed by the Iraqis that counts. And, of course, it just might be true...


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