Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Elaine and Catherine and why war is big money

I collect all these odd articles from around the net, and certain folk have become favorites sources of mine, although they normally inhabit separate little corners of the internet. It is therefore nice when one of them mentions another of them.

Elaine Meinel Supkis:
Catherine Austin Fitts doesn’t concentrate on foreign news to the degree that I do this but her coverage of the US perspective of this Great Unwinding is full of rich details and tying together important matters and this article is a typical example: the mess in the Pentagon is very much one of the root causes of not only our economic collapse but the collapse of our imperial powers. Obama just made the #2 man in the Pentagon, a lobbyist who pushed for more and more spending. This is a clear sign that the Pentagon Milch Cow will continue to eat up most of our tax dollars and give us red blood and red ink aplenty.

I keep pointing out that the ‘mistakes’ and ‘glitches’ in systems are deliberately encouraged, widened and exploited. When people find holes in the walls leading to the Cave of Wealth and Death, they get out pick axes and open them wider. In the case of the Pentagon, the concept of a Cave where there is vast wealth but also death, is obvious! For, the only way to make real big money is to start bigger wars! And if there is infinite money, there will be infinite wars.

A great example is WWI: all the major empires fighting that stalemate war had an outside source of funding. The brand new Federal Reserve is a private bank. European bankers helped engineer its creation. Working with the US branches of European banks, they were able to funnel epic amounts of money.

As millions of European soldiers died hideous deaths in massive trench warfare, the money paying for that butchery flowed like a gushing river, from America. No one wanted to surrender or negotiate because no one had to raise taxes to keep fighting. They all merrily collected IOUs to American banks. This caused the Great Depression when none of them could even pay back the interest owed on these loans.

The Pentagon has figured out how to suck down infinite sums without infinite soldiers dying. By killing mostly civilians in small wars across the globe, the money lending to the Pentagon can flow effortlessly without citizens even noticing this since none of this appears to be paid for via tax collections. I wish to thank Catherine, by the way, for detailing the process by which these accounting methods used by our government, work. We can easily fix this and it is impossible to fix this since this is how so many people who bribe Congress and the President get their wealth! Just like the noxious cycle of voting for billions of dollars for Israel feeds corruption as Israel uses some of this money to funnel it back to Congress again.

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