Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Part time clerical job offer gets over 400 resumés in 5 hours

The Ad:
Small, prestigious downtown Denver litigation firm seeks part-time file clerk/general office/receptionist, 20-30 hours per week. Link
Must be well organized, mature, familiar with MSOffice, flexible and self-confident. Relaxed but intense working environment, where a sense of humor and adaptability are necessities.

Salary on hourly basis, commensurate with experience and tasks assumed. Bus pass or parking provided.
The Story:
[. . .]

During the last economic downturn, we were shocked when we received over 200 resumes in a week for this position.

Things are much worse now.

I posted the ad at 10:15 mountain time.

By 10:45 we had 75 resumes.

By noon there were over 100.

When I left work at 2:00, the count was at 350. I checked my e-mail when I got home, and more than 60 additional resumes had come in — over 400 resumes in less than 5 hours. My co-worker thinks we'll get 1,000 by the end of the week.

[. . .]

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