Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Christmas Suggestion

ok. Here's the thing to do. (I'm suggesting this because this is something I did just last week, and it has caused me long minutes of merriment.)

Check this list on what turns out to be a Monty Python site:

You'll see that it's the 50 comedians voted by over 300 comedians and comedy writers to be the top 50 comedians of all time.

The list:

1. Peter Cook
2. John Cleese
3. Woody Allen
4. Eric Morecambe
5. Groucho Marx
6. Tommy Cooper
7. Laurel and Hardy
8. Billy Connolly
9. Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer
10. Richard Pryor
11. Chris Morris
12. Tony Hancock
13. Bill Hicks
14. Peter Sellers
15. Steve Martin
16. Ronnie Barker
17. Steve Coogan
18. Charlie Chaplin
19. Eddie Izzard
20. Paul Merton
21. Eric Idle
22. Peter Kay
23. Larry David
24. Rowan Atkinson
25. Bob Hope

26. Harry Hill
27. Victoria Wood
28. Spike Milligan
29. Christopher Guest
30. Michael Palin
31. French and Saunders
32. Eddie Murphy
33. Bob Monkhouse
34. Rik Mayall
35. Steven Wright
36. Ken Dodd
37. Les Dawson
38. Chic Murray
39. Stephen Fry
40. Joan Rivers
41. Joyce Grenfell
42. Phil Silvers
43. Jackie Mason
44. Eric Sykes
45. Robin Williams
46. Paul Whitehouse
47. Bill Cosby
48. Mike Myers
49. Ricky Gervais
50. Mel Brooks

Notice how many of them you've never heard of.

One by one, search for them on YouTube. Watch some videos. Hilarity ensues. Fresh, unadulterated hilarity. You will be discovering for the first time humorosity that has been causing guffaws around the world, all without you even suspecting it.

In this way I found Vic and Jim. Songs like Cottage Cheese, and Ask Mr. Potato. Oh, and Tommy Cooper, a guy who does bad magic wearing a fez. And a host of others.

Follow my instructions, and you will enjoy this Christmas—one you'll remember for a long time.


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