Thursday, December 18, 2008

Two facets of the CIA story: Jesse Ventura, Operation Mockingbird

Rule of Law. What was it? Oh yeah. Wasn't there something about the CIA not being allowed to operate within the US?

"Operation Mocking Bird"
Daniel Sheehan: CIA Agents Infest U.S. Mass Media
From: jad@Turing.ORG (John DiNardo)
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1992 12:42:08 GMT
(transcript from a tape recording of a broadcast
by Pacifica Radio Network station WBAI-FM (99.5)
505 Eighth Ave., 19th Fl. New York, NY 10018 (212) 279-0707)

GARY NULL: Daniel, earlier on, one of our guests was talking about -- and I'd like for you to follow through on this theme -- that what we're told in the media (and what we're told officially from Government sources) and what is the truth are frequently at varying degrees against each other. Give us one specific ...
DANIEL SHEEHAN: That's absolutely true. There has been a major campaign on the part of the Central Intelligence Agency, for example, to place Central Intelligence Agency agents, trained agents, IN various news media posts. We've found the documents on this. It was called "Operation Mocking Bird". And they placed Central Intelligence Agency operatives in places like TIME Magazine and LIFE Magazine, the New York Times, inside CBS and ABC News.
Originally, the intent of "Operation Mocking Bird" was to make certain that these major media outlets reflected an adequately anti-communist perspective. And then, of course, as they became entrenched and in-place, any time the Central Intelligence Agency wanted a story killed or distorted they would just contact their agents inside. Now they have bragged openly in private memos back and forth inside the Agency about how proud they are of having really important "assets" inside virtually every major news media in the United States. And I've encountered this repeatedly.
For example, the Chief National Security Correspondent for TIME Magazine, Bruce Van Voorst[sp], is a regular Central Intelligence Agency officer. It turns out that Ben Bradlee from the Washington Post was a regular Central Intelligence Agency officer prior to coming to his post at the Washington Post.Link
And then there's this 9 minute video:
Former Governor Jesse Ventura exposes he was interrogated by more than 20 CIA agents during his term of office in Minnesota. Despite the CIA's mission statement which states they are not to be operational within the Unites States, Ventura stated that he had embedded CIA agents working in high level positions of the Minnesota state government. Ventura also said that when these agents retired, their replacements were already chosen for him by the CIA.

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