Saturday, June 17, 2006

Looming energy crisis requires new 'Manhattan Project' US scientists
"Soaring global demand for energy and rapid depletion of resources need to be addressed by a long-term government-led project similar to the World War II-era effort to develop an atomic bomb, University of Southern California scientist Anupam Madhukar said at the annual National Energy Symposium on Thursday.

'A sense of urgency is needed like the Manhattan Project or sending a man to the moon,' Madhukar said.

[Night settles over solar panals at Solarmine]
But the scientists spoke of the difficulty of a paradigm shift in the way the United States addresses its energy needs to fend off an energy crisis on the order of the 1970s, scientists and politicians at the symposium said. "

Did you hear about this symposium? Neither did I.


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