Sunday, June 04, 2006

This story is so bizarre that no one seems to be able to find out if it's real or not - RUSSIANS HARNESS STAR POWER IN NEW BATTERY:
MOSCOW, May 25 (Itar-Tass) - Russian nuclear scientists have devised a storage battery that can convert both solar energy and the energy of stars into electricity.

A ceremony to introduce this know-how took place Thursday at the applied research center (ARC) of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research at Dubna outside Moscow.

ARC Director Valentin Samoilov has told Itar-Tass, 'This unique battery, which has no analogues in the world, can operate for 24 hours a day. Researchers have succeeded in creating a new substance -- a heteroelectric -- due to which the battery down here on Earth can be powered by the energy of the sun and stars irrespective of weather conditions'.

This product of development studies has already proved its high efficiency both in darkness and in cloudy conditions, the scientist pointed out.

Samoilov said the stellar energy battery is more efficient than the conventional solar-cell battery by several fold. 'The demonstration specimen manifested more than twice as high efficiency in the visible-light spectrum and a 50 percent higher efficiency in the infrared portion of the spectrum,' he emphasised.

'The prime cost of the heteroelectric photocell is lower than that of the photoconductive element of the conventional solar-cell battery,' Samoilov pointed out.


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