Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Last week, Bush welcomed man who may have been behind genocide in Rwanda

Bush welcomes international terrorist suspect Paul Kagame to the White House on May 31, 2006.

This week Bush welcomes another African Dictator

Wayne Madsen Report:
"June 6, 2006 -- Yesterday, George W. Bush welcomed another brutal African dictator to the White House -- Gen. Denis Sassou-Nguesso of the Republic of Congo, an oil rich nation on the Gulf of Guinea. Last week, Bush welcomed Rwanda's genocidal dictator Paul Kagame to the White House. For the last several years, this editor has been assisting in an international criminal probe of Kagame's henchmen in the April 6, 1994 terrorist missile attack on the Rwandan President's aircraft, an attack that killed the Rwandan President, his Burundian counterpart, their senior government ministers and staffers, and the French crew. That attack triggered the world's worst genocide since World War II. The editor has been requested by a foreign law enforcement agency to help learn the personal details, most importantly the dates of birth, of the following suspects in the terrorist attack (just think of this as a version of 'Africa's Most Wanted.').

The Rwanda Seven, all members of Kagame's Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF)/Rwandan Patriotic Army (RPA), are:

-General James KABAREBE
-General Charles KAYONGA
- Colonel Samuel KANYEMERA (aka, 'Sam KAKA')
- Major Jackson NKURUNZIZA (aka, 'Jack NZIZA')
- Lieutenant Franck NZIZA
- Sergeant Eric HAKIZIMANA

Note to our U.S. military readers: some of these individuals may have taken part in training at Fort Benning, Fort Leavenworth, and/or Fort Huachuca, in addition to the African Center for Strategic Studies (ACSS) at Fort McNair's National Defense University. Any information on the above seven will be held in strict confidence and will only be used for law enforcement purposes."


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