Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cindy is Deceptively Sharp (video/quicktime Object)

Every time I see and hear Cindy Sheehan, my first reaction is to her look and her voice. This lady seems so average, so normal, so unexceptional. Not particularly bright. So normal, even bland looking. The antithesis of everything we're trained to value in the US.

And then I hear what she says, and it is so well put together, so obviously coming from her own brain (which is a whole lot sharper than one would think just from hearing a soundbite snippet from her) from months and years of thought, that I think, if everyone would just listen to what she has to say, and not the media slander about her, there's a good chance that the whole country might turn around (or might have turned around faster, since it does seem to be turning around.)

Reactionary descriptions of her usually start or end with "of course, I didn't listen to her—why would I?" just as they do about Fahrenheit 911.

This video is a good example of what I mean. In just a few minutes she deconstructs all Bush's arguments to be the lunacy that they are.


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