Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Keep the Feds From Read Your Email!

It's Easy!

Wayne Madsen Report - Home:
"April 20, 2006 -- Beating Bush's NSA e-mail surveillance simple. According to NSA sources, there is a simple method to avoid having one's e-mail captured by NSA Internet filters that have been installed within major Internet exchanges, such as the AT&T facility in San Francisco, which is the subject of a class action suit against AT&T. By typing 'Viagra' or 'Cialis' in the message text, the filters will automatically identify the e-mail as spam and ignore it. The e-mail could contain the words 'Al Qaeda' or 'Bin Laden,' but as long as Viagra or Cialis are also contained in the text, the e-mail will pass through the filters without being intercepted."


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