Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Blogging Apology

It has recently been called to my attention, by one of the three actual physical people who read this besides me, that I haven't been "writing" anything in this blog recently. Well, that's not exactly true. I do try to "write" the headlines...

But it's that BlogThis! thing. As I flit from website to website, like a butterfly attracted by pretty colors, or a fly drawn by the smell of dead meat, BlogThis! makes it easy to just "appropriate" stuff—so easy that I seem to be doing it, almost as a notekeeping device to myself. "Oh, this post is so bizarre, so intriquing, so counterintuitive to the prevailing wisdom, that I must make note of it," I think to myself. So my blog ends up a long long list of quotes from other sites and blogs and such.

This does not mean that my life has stopped. Though artwork seems to have diminished to near zero, music has been taking up more and more of my time. I'm just nearing the end of a week of daily music gigs or rehearsals—tomorrow I may get a break (not that I want one.) Here's how the last week (or so) played out:
  • Saturday, April 15, 2006: Anniversary party with Alvon Johnson, guitar and vocals, and Bob Groff, drums (and guy who put it together) at Markham Winery, St. Helena
  • Monday: Jessel's Jammin' with ace sax man Kent Cohea, as well as Mary and the others
  • Wednesday: rehearsal for Jessel's Gallery show of Monday the 24th.
  • Thursday: Benefit performance for Friends of the Napa Symphony, at Jessel's. Wore a Tuxedo. Play guitar with Mary and Clyde, a standup bass player.
  • Friday: Rehearsal at Jessel's for the Terry Bradford show on Monday, May 22.
  • Saturday: Play with Kevin Fraser, remarkable sax man, at McKenzie-Mueller Wineryfor April in Carneros.
  • Sunday: Play solo at McKenzie-Mueller Winery. Guitar and keyboard.
  • Monday: Jessel's Jammin' with Alvon Johnson and the usual crew of personalities
  • Tuesday: Play keyboards, bass, and guitar with Gail Mead's Poolhouse Gang at Anna's Cantina in St. Helena.
I'm kinda stunned at this turn of events. Other than Jessel's, gigs have been very very few the last year or so. Maybe this is indicative that things are heating up. I hope so.

Other than music, I burn a guilty amount of gasoline driving between Bonnie's and Napa. When my folks were in Napa, I spent much of my time driving to Sonoma County for gigs. Now, with Bonnie in Petaluma, I seem to get all my gigs in Napa.


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