Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Are We Serious About Defeating the Insurgents, or Are We Not?

A delightful and thoroughly disgusting little "ode to crucifixion"—lambasting futile US efforts against the insurgency in Iraq as compared to Roman tactics which worked against the Jews— takes the BushCo logic to it's logical conclusion.
"Now, I readily admit that a program of mass crucifixion in the Middle East may seem a bit extreme, and perhaps it is. We are Americans, after all, and with that comes a solemn responsibility to be somewhat less cruel and evil than the most cruel and evil people ever. This is a valid criticism. But criticism is not a substitute for a strategy. If mass crucifixion - despite its proven record for short-order insurgency-squelching - is too brutal for war hawks to contemplate, I feel that the onus is on them to explain just what positive, proven, non-rhetorical (and preferably non-Canadian) measures might be implied by “whatever it takes.” Because, not to put too fine a point on it, I don’t exactly think the war is suffering from a shortage of pro-war chin music. The war is suffering, as Reynolds so astutely observes, from a lack of resolve. And if war supporters are unwilling to advocate for the methods which millenia of proven are necessary to bring order to the Middle East, then they really have no business advocating these occupations in the first place."


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