Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Kingness of Mad George

Bonnie sent me this article by Jeffrey L. Pasley about the Bush and Cheney idea of Presidential power. Here's a snippet:
This is where Bush and Cheney’s views and actions seem quite breathtakingly dangerous. There have likely been absolute monarchs whose lawmaking was more procedurally constrained than that of the present administration. "We have a system of law," Senator Russ Feingold said of the NSA spying program. "He just can't make up the law . . . It would turn George Bush not into President George Bush, but King George Bush." While I hope and believe that George W. Bush has no intention of crowning himself, his mentor Cheney has been seeking "unimpaired" presidential power ever since his days as a junior aide in the Ford White House. Why should his president/boy-prince be forced to endure the insolent effrontery of pesky reporters and congressional investigating committees? For Cheney, the Imperial Presidency is a matter of personal and ideological conviction.


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