Sunday, April 02, 2006

Yet another Bush Family connection you won't believe

So George left for Cancun a day early, and so missed a talk at the Washington Hilton, which would have been on the day before the 25th anniversary of the attempted assassination of President Reagan. Surely he wasn't afraid of anyone making the connection between his family and that of the assailant...

The Wayne Madsen Report: "'Houston, AP, March 31, 1981: The family of the man charged with trying to assassinate President Reagan is acquainted with the family of Vice President George Bush and had made large contributions to his political campaign, the Houston Post reported today.

The newspaper said in a copyright story, Scott Hinckley, brother of John W. Hinckley Jr., who allegedly shot Reagan, was to have dined tonight in Denver at the home of Neil Bush, one of the vice president's sons.

The newspaper said it was unable to reach Scott Hinckley, vice president of his father's Denver-based firm, Vanderbilt Energy Corp., for comment. Neil Bush lives in Denver, where he works for Standard Oil Co. of Indiana.

In 1978, Neil served as campaign manager for his brother, George W. Bush, the vice president's oldest son, who made an unsuccessful bid for Congress. Neil lived in Lubbock throughout much of 1978, where John Hinckley lived from 1974 through 1980.

On Monday, Neil Bush said he did not know if he had ever met 25-year-old John Hinckley.

'I have no idea,' he said. 'I don't recognize any pictures of him. I just wish I could see a better picture of him.

Sharon Bush, Neil's wife, said Scott Hinckley was coming to their house as a date of a girl friend of hers. 'I don't even know the brother. From what I know and I've heard, they [the Hinckleys] are a very nice family and have given a lot of money to the Bush campaign. The dinner was canceled, she added.

George W. Bush said he was unsure whether he had met John W. Hinckley.'"


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