Thursday, January 19, 2006

It's been weird lately...

...possibly because last Sunday was both Martin Luther King's and my dad's birthday. My dad would have been 95. He never forgave Martin Luther King for being born on his birthday!

I was dreaming last night about being in some department store and buying something but then remembering my checkbook was outside in my car. So I went outside and was walking down the street to where I'd parked my car, and as I passed a bus stop I noticed my dad standing there, behind the bus stop, just standing, all dressed up in his finest Sunday best. And he saw me and was just smiling and waving like crazy. I was waving, too. It was nice.

Then sometime later I was dreaming again, and I was at my folks' house, and my mom was cooking dinner, which seemed completely normal, since she did that a lot, and I was on the phone with Lisa, an old girlfriend of mine and still a good friend, and we were talking about what was going on, and I mentioned that I saw my dad in the back room. She seemed quite incensed at this, since we both knew he's been dead for a couple of years. Somehow I just took it in stride, like, well, there he is, so what's the problem? I took the phone back to where he was and said, here, say something to Lisa. And he did. And she seemed quite upset, because, well, after all, he was dead!

It didn't seem to bother either of us that my mom was in the kitchen, cooking dinner, which is odd, since she's been dead herself for seven months.

It's been weird here. Here in my head. Lately.


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