Thursday, January 19, 2006

Wayne Madsen Report

Ever heard of Wayne Madsen? Neither had I, before an hour ago.

There's so much stuff of interest at the Wayne Madsen Report that I can't find any one report more important to report than the other piles of largely-unreported reports.

Ok. I'll just pick some. How about his January 12, 2006 report about the involvement of Jack Abramoff scandal money in gambling deals all over the world, including Jerico, in the West Bank, with which both the PLO and Sharon's sons were involved? How Abramoff is involved in laundering money through casinos all over the world? And how Cheney and Netanyahu are mixed up in the whole mess?

Or a January 14, 2006 story about the "suicide" of the US Army's chief ethics expert, just as he was investigating potential contract violations and human rights abuses by the US Investigations Services, formerly a federal agency, but now owned by the Carlyle group?

Or an amazing January 16, 2006 piece about how both Senator McCain and his dad, Admiral McCain, were involved in two of the more deadly incidents of on-ship disasters in the Navy's history, just weeks apart, in 1967, one an attack by Israelis on the US spy ship Liberty, and the other involving use of 1000 pound bombs which were known to be unsafe on ships?

Or a January 9, 2006 story about how Abramoff, Grover Norquist, and Karl Rove are fabricating stories to try to snare Senator Dorgan in the web of Abramoff money, since Dorgan is the ranking member of the Senate Indian Affairs committee who, along with McCain, investigated Abramoff to begin with? They're trying to get Senate Minority leader Reid tarred with this as well.

I wish I knew enough about this stuff to know if it's real or bogus. What do you think?

I do know that I certainly agree with his January 13, 2006 statement about "What does Samuel Alito's "Unitary Executive," with presidential signing statements, look like?" followed by an old file photo of a previous Unitary Exectutive, followed by this:

Democrats running for Congress must be forced to sign an election manifesto pledging to impeach Alito from the Supreme Court for lying to Congress under oath, a crime. They must also pledge to impeach Bush, Cheney, and other cabinet officers who have committed crimes. If people like Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, and Joe Lieberman refuse to sign, they should be challenged in their primaries and dumped from the November slate.


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