Sunday, January 22, 2006

Fooled Again

Lately I keep running into the name Mark Crispin Miller, and his new book Fooled Again. I see him mentioned on various blogs, or hear him on Air America. I do not see him mentioned on any of the mainstream media.

A few months back he had an interesting article about the 2004 election, dirty tricks, and exit polls in Harpers called None Dare Call It Stolen.

I most recently saw his name at an informal display someone had outside the Oakland City Council Chamber, where Bonnie and I had gone to support Loni Hancock and her Clean Money bill, which is slowly making its way through the California Legislature. The display in question had to do with obvious problems in the last few national elections, what with unreliable, manipulatable voting machines without proper paper trails.

Miller's publicist, Jamie Brickhouse, talks about Miller's new book, "Fooled Again" in this post, Scoop: Why Won't The Media Touch This Book? and why its topic is virtually forbidden in modern polite US society.


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