Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Back to Reality

Another week or two passes.

Another birthday passes.

Another week of barely eating passes. But what passes now passes more correctly. I have faint hopes that the worst of what was in me is now behind me and flushed away in the torrents of the great toilet of life.

A wonderful time was had last night at Jessel's, where everyone gave me a most memorable birthday experience. Thunder and lightening threatened to turn the evening into an acoustic, unplugged one. I got to play with most everybody, and was surprised by a personally customized tune by Gordon and Mary, which brought tears to my eyes. Guess I'm getting old and touchy-feely.

Today I accompanied Bonnie to the North Bay Progressive office in Santa Rosa, where we guest proofread the latest issue. This could become a regular thing.

Then we zoomed down to San Francisco, where Bonnie's mom took us out to dinner at a very nice Italian place. I risked everything and actually ate real food. So far so good.

Then Bonnie's mom accompanied us to a Health Care for All type house party in San Francisco, which turned out to be quite riveting. Very nice, experienced folk from all parts of the health industry, from retired doctors to interns. Tales of the influence of Big Pharma on the practice of health care in California. Quite interesting.

Now I think it's time to sleep.


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