Saturday, January 17, 2009

Catherine isn't impressed

Catherine Austin Fitts:

Money R’ Us: We Break It, We Fix It

Larry Summers, engineer of the housing bubble and gold price suppression, is returning to power on Monday. Ditto, the folks who lost $3.3 trillion at the Pentagon.

Now Paul Volcker, the leader of the new Administration’s economic recovery team, is popping out a plan to redo our financial system. Turns out the “solution” to what ails us is to give vastly increased powers to the very parties who perpetuated the problems. As Bill King says, “You just could not make this stuff up.”

Volcker Presents Plan to Alter Global Financial System
Washington Post (15 Jan 2009)

Volcker’s Recommendations to Improve the Global Financial System
Group of Thirty: Financial Reform

Paul Volcker’s Wikipedia Bio

Paul Volcker’s Resume
Financial Economics Today

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