Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Really Help America Vote

A 12-Step Program to Save US Democracy from Mark Crispin Miller:
  • 1. Repeal the Help America Vote Act (HAVA).
  • 2. Replace all electronic voting with hand-counted paper ballots (HCPB).
  • 3. Get rid of computerized voter rolls.
  • 4. Keep all private vendors out of the election process.
  • 5. Make it illegal for the TV networks to declare who won before the vote-count is complete.
  • 6. Set up an exit polling system, publicly supported, to keep the vote-counts honest.
  • 7. Get rid of voter registration rules, by having every citizen be duly registered on his/her 18th birthday.
  • 8. Ban all state requirements for state-issued ID's at the polls.
  • 9. Put all polling places under video surveillance, to spot voter fraud, monitor election personnel, and track the turnout.
  • 10. Have Election Day declared a federal holiday, requiring all employers to allow their workers time to vote.
  • 11. Make it illegal for Secretaries of State to co-chair political campaigns (or otherwise assist or favor them).
  • 12. Make election fraud a major felony, with life imprisonment--and disenfranchisement--for all repeat offenders.
Here's an approximately half hour video of Mark Crispin Miller in Los Angeles last week, giving his 12 point Election Reform Program. Miller is well worth seeing.

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