Thursday, January 17, 2008

the March of Science

Press Release

SSRC 2-2008

Monday, January 14, 2008

3:10 pm

New Climate Change Theory Gains Influential Support

In just its first days of activation, the newly created Space and Science Research Center in Orlando, Florida and its Director, John Casey have received accolades and direct support from around the world both for its start-up and for his theory of the sun’s influence on climate change.

In today’s release, the SSRC makes important strides in establishing its credibility and support for its predictions of the next climate change. Casey explains, “It is extremely gratifying that the support for the SSRC has been so quick in coming in the earliest days after our announcement of our intent to set up the Center. I am honored to have the support of those who are so highly respected for their judgment.”

Sounds pretty impressive...

[. . .]

In addition to that recommendation, well known scientists who have many years in the analysis of solar activity have now joined the consulting staff at the SSRC. In acknowledging their teaming with the SSRC, Casey expressed his gratitude of their commitment by saying, “I am honored to announce that the first members have been added to the Consulting Scientists staff. They are Dr. Ernest Njau and Dr. Boris Komitov. These gentlemen are among a select group of researchers globally who believe that we are about to enter our next climate era, one with a long lasting deep cold period. They are highly respected scholars who have helped lead the way in their own countries in conducting in-depth research that has identified solar activity behavior as integral to the prediction of the Earth’s climate variations. These talented scientists are both now engaged in unique research that may lead to even more important discoveries in the sun’s behavior. They honor the SSRC by their pledge to assist the Center in its important mission.”

Ah. I see now. An institute consisting of three of the "select group" of scientitsts in the world who think the world is getting colder...

It's good to see folks researching the effects of the sun on climate. I trust they'll also take a close look at Venus to see how the effects of solar radiation compares with those of greenhouse gasses.

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