Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Quote of the day

New York Times:

Phillip Zelikow, Rice co-author and head of 911 Commission, disparaging those who wish to abandon civilized talks with north Korea and revert back to the old, obstructionist strategy with North Korea, the same strategy that saw them explode a nuclear bomb:
You can’t just make these decisions using the top of your spinal cord, you have to use the whole brain,” said Philip D. Zelikow, the former counselor at the State Department. “What other policy are we going to pursue that we think would be better?”

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters
A familiar administration divide:
Vice President Dick Cheney says
Israeli intelligence was credible,
while Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
questions whether there was a real threat.

Cheney, the very embodiment of the reptilian brain.

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