Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Portrait blog, update:

Right after the last post, the Portrait blog, spreading like a fungus, took over my domain, rendering my original art page unreachable!

After numerous emails back and forth and finally an educational midnight phone call to the help number at, it was determined that they had a bug in their server software that prevented the situation from being fixed in any way other than simply deleting the blog and starting over. Fortunately, I'd saved a copy of the text of my first couple of posts, as well as the files, so it was easy to replace them after deleting it.

The problem appeared because I'd initiated the blog without first initiating a subdomain to put it in, so when the blog appeared it took over the domain. Makes perfect sense, now that I think of it. Didn't make sense at the time.

Now, with the blog safely in it's own subdomain, the original webpage has become visible again in it's old domain, like a recently eclipsed sun coming out from behind the moon.

In summation:

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