Friday, December 22, 2006

A couple of very disturbing stories

from Portland.Indymedia.Org:

Police State USA - Part One Big Brother's Most Cool Tool
By Amy Worthington

The Health Implications Of Playing With Big Brother's Most Cool Tool - Pt 2
By Amy Worthington
The Idaho Observer

They are both collected with, footnotes and summaries, on this page.

The first article gets into the whole BushCo/Nazi thing, which is either blantantly obvious or or pathologically insane (or a continuum between), depending on your particular slant, and the very real technologies that have been developed to make the constant surveillance state possible.

The second article concerns the security state's microwave monitoring devices and their potential dangers.

I've heard and read a lot in the past few years about the purported dangers of microwaves and cellphones and such, and mostly conclusions that such dangers were nonsense.

The footnotes in these articles look pretty authentic, and the studies sited point to very real dangers. Authentic enough to persuade me to check them out a bit more.

I hope we're not unintentionally frying our brains...


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