Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The War Racket (latest installment)

I just came across this post on

Trillions in Resources & Funding Our Enemies

June 16th, 2010

Via: David Degraw:

Wherever there is a war, look for CIA/IMF/private military war profiteers covertly funding and supporting BOTH sides in order to keep the wars raging and the profits rolling in. As former CIA Station Chief John Stockwell explained: ā€œEnemies are necessary for the wheels of the US military machine to turn.ā€

and it led me to David Degraw's site, which led me to these two stories of his, which are both exhaustive and exhausting to read, but amass a host of information into a pith, tragic narrative:

Af-Pak War Racket: the Obama Illusion Comes Crashing Down

Global War Racket Exposed: Trillions in Resources & Funding Our Enemies

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