Thursday, May 06, 2010

A sad and sorry list of actual, and as far as I know, accurate descriptions of Obama

What is Obama?

2010 May 4
  • A man who takes care of financial and other large corporate interests first and foremost, ordinary Americans second.
  • A man who believes that the Fed doesn’t need to be audited, because they did such a swell job (and because that’s where much of the real bailouts of the financial firms are stashed)
  • A man who said he believed in net neutrality but whose FCC declines to reclassify broadband so that it can regulate it.
  • A man who did not stop the Bush-era raids on Hispanics even though he could stop the raids tomorrow.
  • A man who did not fulfill his promises on gay rights, including on Don’t Ask, Don’t, Tell, even though he could stop DADT tomorrow with an executive order.
  • A man who has killed more people with drones since he took power than Bush did in his entire reign.
  • A Nobel Peace Laureate who has stated that he retains the right to nuke Iran if Iran responds to an Israeli attack with conventional means (don’t fight back while our buddy beats you bloody, or it’ll be so much the worse for you.)
  • A Nobel Peace Laureate who expanded the war in Afghanistan.
  • A man who is prosecuting whistle blowers that even the Bush administration declined to prosecute.
  • A man who believes that the President has the right to assassinate any American outside the country without any trial at his sole say-so.
  • A man who believes the President has the right to lock people up without trial
  • A man who believes that “confessions” obtained by torture should be admissable in court.
  • A man who believes that the accused does not have the right to see the evidence against him, or to face his accusers.
  • A man who forced Americans to buy health insurance from private insurers without a public option or significant price controls.
  • A man who sold out womens abortion rights to pass a health care bill which was essentially identical to a 1990’s Republican plan.
  • A man who wants to cut Social Security and Medicare.
  • a man who supports expanding charter schools despite the fact that studies show they produce worse results than public schools

And much more. Add your own in comments…

and here are a few of those comments...

2010 May 4

-A man who builds and then dismantles the largest grassroots political operation in history as soon as he’s elected, teaching another generation to hate politics and disengage.

-A man who wants to privatize NASA so that we can bailout the defense contractors in the name of ‘exploration’

-A man who pledges to govern with transparency, then does all the real work in backroom meetings with Rahm and lobbyists.

-A ‘Constitutional Scholar’ who regularly violates all of its tenets, thus serving as an object lesson that knowledge doesn’t equal morality, nor wisdom.

-A man who backs the War on Drugs, ridiculing those who’d rather not spend billions locking up pot smokers.

-Joe Lieberman’s best friend and patron.

-Ditto for Ben Bernanke, Timothy Geithner and a host of other clowns.

-A man who gives flowery speeches to the Muslim world, then bombs their parties and sends special forces to murder their kids at night in their beds, so that no one gets the wrong idea about taking an American President at their word.

-A man who spends billions of taxpayer dollars whitewashing the oil and coal industries and funding pie in the sky technologies like ‘clean’ coal, carbon sequestration, and cars with giant lithium batteries (despite lithium being a rare and precious resource typically obtained via strip mines)

-A supporter of offshore oil drilling

-A man who supports the gutting of public schools (in favor of lucrative privately run charter schools).

-A man who blocks war crimes trials for murderers and torturers, the reason that John Yoo walks free today

-A man who operates an international system of dungeons we call ‘black sites’ outside of the rule of law entirely

2010 May 4
anonymous permalink

- A man who has made Ralph Nader correct:

- The two political parties have a lock on the ballot, and there is no appreciable difference in the policies they pursue and put into place
- The two political parties are owned by the corporations

These claims weren’t nearly so true in 2000 as they are now. I think that it is still reasonable to say that eight years of Gore would have been substantially different and better than what took place. But if history were different, and it had been Obama that Scalia, Rehnquist, et. al. had stolen the election from, only to have Obama take office in Jan. 2009, then I would not argue with Nader’s historical claims.

2010 May 5
marcopolo permalink

An object lesson in the case for mandatory public campaign financing.

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