Sunday, December 27, 2009

a succinct prediction for the effect of the current health care reform package

I'm afraid this is probably accurate.

From the comments to a post in Tiny

The Republicans are in absolute opposition to health care reform because:

1.) They don't need to vote for it for it to pass. The health insurance companies are going to get their guaranteed profits that the "reform" gives them.

2.) The current bill with mandates is going to drive a wedge between those Americans who can still afford to pay for health insurance and those who can't or are being denied it. That means that while there may be more Americans getting some health care in the future, it also means that every health insurance increase is going to be blamed on the Democratic brand. You might as well print Obama's picture on every bill going out from Aetna or Blue Cross. That means that if this health care reform plays out as it looks to me, the Democratic brand will be reviled by most of what's left of working class households. When liberals fail, that's what makes fascism attractive to the underclasses.

This piece of health care reform will thus accomplish a government safety net for insurance companies instead of the probability of the whole industry collapsing in a few years (as it would without "reform"). It will so destroy the Democratic Party as to clean away all the underfunded candidates (generally more liberal and independent Dems), thus leaving only the well-funded corporate Dems or their corporate-funded Republican opponents in office. Those progressives who think that the Dems can pass this piece of crap and then clean it up down the road won't have many corporate-free Dems in Congress in a few years to do much of anything, as if they had any power to ever do it right.


Posted by Bob In Pacifica at December 26, 2009 12:14 PM

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