Sunday, September 06, 2009

blogger is screwing with me

So I try to log in. I have something I want to blog. I've been doing this for years.

So blogger all of a sudden says, no, your login will not work. We've improved our product so that now you need a gmail address to get in. Fine. Although it would have been easier if you're simply walked us through that process. Like, this email no longer works. Give us a gmail one to use.

Anyway, I log on with one of my gmail addresses. Repeatedly. Over and over. It won't take it. Refuses. Puts me right back on the same login page. Thanks.

I follow all the error links. It says, fine, try a different browser. Try a different computer. Turn off your computer and reboot.

Hey, how about try a different blog host? I am tempted.

So I reboot. I try to login. It says, here's a link if you're having trouble. We'll email you info on the blog you're trying to get to. Of course, the email has the very name and password I've been trying without luck to use to get in. Does this help, they ask? Of course not, I respond. You could have helped by not changing things so that access to my blog is screwed up.

And then, after sending that note, I try once again to log in with the old login. And this time it works.

What was that all about? Was the screen about needing a gmail account just a phishing expedition to get my gmail password? Hope not.

Whatever it was, I'm not pleased.

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