Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Madoff's secretary not doing too badly

My FOX New York:

Annette Agrese, Bongiorno's maiden name, had humble beginnings. At John Adams High, a young Annette was a member of the business club.

Fast forward 40 years, she's a secretary married to Rudy Bongiorno -- a former New York City worker on permanent disability. But clearly the couple is living well.

She has a $2.6 million mansion in Manhasset on Long Island and the $1.25 million home in Boca, or as Annette calls it: Casa di Bongiorno.

She has some fancy cars, too, in her three-car garage: Two 2007 Mercedes-Benzes and a 2005 Bentley.

"Annette Bongiorno has millions of dollars of assets that the prosecutors have viewed as a red flag," Heim says. "Her luxury homes, her luxury cars are certainly going to be an item for close scrutiny by the prosecutors because she was a secretary and she's going to have to answer why she was making so much money from the Madoff firm and how she could not have known it was a criminal fraud."

For now Bongiorno continues to enjoy a millionaire lifestyle, secluded behind the walls and gates of her upscale Florida neighborhood.

Annette Bongiorno has not been charged with any crime. Fox 5 News has no direct evidence she committed any crime or that she knew about the Ponzi scheme. What we do know is that she was a loyal Madoff aide for many years

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