Friday, October 10, 2008

an anonymous comment on the Catherine Austin Fitts Blog:

anonymous because of content..


After steering this person to your writings, he replied:

I’ve read excerpts of her writings, which are as detailed and insightful as any you’ll ever read regarding the symbiotic relationship between our government, “mainstream” economy, and crime (and virtually all that it entails, including covert “nation building”… or destroying depending upon how you look at it)

Allow me to provide a narrow example. One of my best friends is a Federal Drug Enforcement agent. He did a tour in one of the most dangerous countries in the world, XXXXXX . He was there for X years.

His primary job while there was to raid the Columbian forests of cocaine farms and labs. They’d get “tips”, and then they’d be given the “green light” to go in, flying low over the canopy by helicopter, and to do “jumps” so as to seize these properties, drugs, etc. (but very rarely people).

In doing so over the years, my friend always told me that it was far more dangerous being off-duty in the cities than it was doing “drops” into the jungle. Occasionally, a jumper would get hung up in the canopy, but I think in eight years their choppers were shot at once. Moreover, “every single time” they seized a farm or lab it was clear that the occupants “knew they were coming”. On many occasions, while flying through the jungles they’d discover camps or farms that were occupied – where they could actually make arrests. However, they were not allowed to raid these camps, without “proper authorization”.

At first my friend was terribly frustrated by this, but it didn’t take him long to realize that much of this exercise was “choreographed” by the Columbian government and our own, which if looked at from the perspective of someone such as Fitts makes perfect sense (as well as anyone with half a brain).

While my friend’s job remained very dangerous, it was in essence a public relations job as much as anything else, designed to give the appearance of a “war on drugs”. They could have seized more property and made more arrests, but they were not allowed to.

This is a simple, but perfect example of how it works. Not just in South America, where it’s as rampant as anywhere in the world, but virtually everywhere – and represents a critically huge part of our global economy – as many well known American corporate brands benefit directly from the drug trade, by laundering their moneys.

Think about it, remember when the war on drugs was being described as the “scourge of America ” and out nation’s biggest problem. Well, it hasn’t gone away. In fact, it’s gone relatively unchanged. We’ll circle back as the media will jump on it a bit, they’ll be a hearing on Capitol Hill, then we’ll legislate and throw some money at it with a press conference to follow – to re-convince everyone that there is, indeed, a “war on drugs” – and then we’ll all forget about it again.

Interestingly, up to this point we’ve done little to undermine the Heroine trade in our ‘war’ in Afghanistan, which represents more than 50% of the Afghan economy – and the lifeblood of the Taliban, and to a lesser extent Al Qaida. Wonder why that is?”

I met a man who was in the military and refused a mission because he was expected to kill people who were disrupting the drug trade. He was thrown in the brig and discharged. He refused to murder innocents. He told them that he signed on to protect the Constitution and this was not protecting the Constitution.

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