Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mike Morgan analyzes Paulson's call to Buffett

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Paulson Calls In Buffet

Very sad times. Remember the Maria Bartiromo interview with Buffet, when he slipped and said Paulson called him on the big Sunday a couple of weeks ago? Many people wondered why Paulson would call a private citizen to discuss Fed matters? Obviously, we now know.

Sham Deal - Buffet gets special stock with a 10% dividend and he gets the right to by another $5B at $115, when the stock was trading at $125 and the deal makers knew it would spike on this kind of news. So why didn't Goldman set a higher price on the stock? Buffet would have never done the deal. He probably cut this deal with Paulson himself when they spoke on that funky Sunday.

Conspiracy? - We have never witnessed anything like this, with rule changes and special deals and the biggest thief in the world, running the financial world. The Buffet deal could only have been done if Goldman had a new business model . . . because the old business model was busted. Voila, they have a new business model as of Sunday night courtesy of King Henry . . . and less than 48 hours later, Buffet come in with $5B.

Someone needs to question that Sunday conversation. Someone needs to question this Sunday's move to bring Goldman under the Fed's wings as a commercial bank. Someone needs to question the very deal struck with Buffet. But no one will.

Main Street or Wall Street? - The price of Buffet's stock is at $4,300 for Class B and $128,800 for Class A . . . because he doesn't want to deal with Main Street. And Warren Buffet stands to lose more in a market crash than any person on the planet. Warren Buffet's deal with Goldman is just another example of the power of Paulson and his Wall Street fraternity.

Free Markets Will Prevail - Eventually, the free market will prevail. Eventually, the markets will crash. But once again, the market will bubble up on the Buffet news. Paulson is truly brilliant. There could not have been a better moment than now to pull this card out of his sleeve. After today's Hearings, Paulson was cooked and he was going to be the focus of the media tonight. Not anymore. Now the focus will be on the household name of Warren Buffet and his purchase of stock. But . . . and this is a HUGE but . . . Even though the consumer and the PPT will be back in there buying tomorrow, nothing has changed. The toxic stuff is still there. We have not resolved anything. This just give Wall Street more time to suck up the dollars and more time to trade in and out of pension fund portfolios.

Ban On Short Sellers - Maybe we need to question why a sham deal like Buffet's should be allowed. It is the opposite of what we saw with short sellers, but at least the short sellers were all dealing on a level playing field. In fact, the deal would not have been done at all if Paulson did not instruct Cox to ban short selling.

Paulson Crossed the Line - Why has no one yet publicly questions why Buffet has a private call from the Secretary of the Treasury about a company the guy ran as COO and CEO . . . and government business with a private citizen involved in Wall Street so heavily. This was a private deal with our top government guy in the mix. If we thought we had stinky fish yesterday, we have super-stinky fish today.

I hope you will all take a moment to write your Senators and Congressmen again, because market manipulations like this will destroy everything we have ever dreamed of. Wall Street is pulling out all stops to make sure Main Street crashes . . . so Wall Street can come back in and pick up the pieces for next to nothing.

Tomorrow . . . The markets will probably rally on the Buffet Bail-Out, but eventually the stink will overcome even Warren Buffet. He had no choice. If no one stepped up to the plate tonight, it was all over tomorrow. And he would have suffered huge losses. We already saw that this afternoon. Obviously, Paulson still has weapons. We just never dreamed he had so many fraternity brothers. I think this deal will come back to haunt even Buffet, because there is so much more to be written . . . and even great men (or formerly great men) can't stop Mother Nature or the Free Markets.

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