Monday, September 15, 2008

Joe Crubaugh's Ten False Flags That Changed the World

I frequently check and see where visitors to this blog are coming from. Today I saw someone had found their way here from a rather esoteric search on "beam splitters" and "wrong side." What could I have blogged that contained that, I wondered? But Google found it for me—this old post from over a year ago. And then I noticed that there were two comments to that post, one from a Joe Crumbaugh (and the other an answer from me.) Curious, I checked out his blog and web pages. What a find! What an interesting guy!

We share an interest in making art and music, and Joe has quite an interesting blog.

At the top of his blog is a link to a couple of lengthy series of articles, one about Ten False Flag Operations That Changed the World, and one about Ten Dissidents Who Changed the World. (I have a feeling I may have already read these, but, with no short term memory, everything is always new to me...) Instead of going to bed, I got sucked up into the first series (and would read it straight through if I wasn't falling asleep right now) and will get to the other as soon as I get around to it. Very interesting stuff.

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