Monday, November 19, 2007

Holiday in Carneros

Those yellow-orange things are grapevines. This shot is looking north towards Napa.

Last weekend I was privileged to once again participate in the McKenzie-Mueller Winery's segment of Holiday in Carneros. A more beautiful spot for a party cannot be imagined. Saturday began foggy, but soon was so warm and sunny that we had to put on the sunscreen.

Winery owners Karen and Bob wanted a more background, laid back music this time, so they hired Kevin Frazier and me to play instrumental tunes from noon until four in the afternoon Saturday and Sunday. Kevin's a good sax player, and I alternated between guitar and incredibly cheap but nice sounding Yamaha PSR 275 keyboard, both through an equally cheap but amazingly powerful and good sounding Roland Cube monitor—two Craigslist buys. Great buys.

I didn't manage to get anyone to take any pictures of us with
my camera,
so this picture of the job site will have to do.
Kevin's sax can be seen under the monitor. The hay bales
were handy to set things on. Books. Cases. Me.

Eight hours of music in two days is a lot, even for me. Wore out my left thumb. But it was fun, and everyone loved it. There was quite a crowd most of both days. Limos. Busses. Lots of folks.

This was another battery gig. I ran the keyboard and the monitor-speaker (for the keyboard and the guitar) off my portable 12 volt Powerstation® battery pack and my inverter. Very cool.

Though Saturday was superb, Sunday ended up with the fog rolling back in. My hands were nearly numb by 4pm. My guitar actually felt damp. Yuck.

I don't remember the grass ever getting so green while the vines were turning orange.
Very impressive. I took lots of photos.

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