Friday, September 21, 2007

Speaking of that Senate vote...

In reference to these two recent posts about the Iron Law and that Senate Vote:

The Iron Law Of Institutions Strikes Again!

The vote today condemning the Moveon Petraeus ad is an excellent example of the Iron Law of Institutions—ie, that people within institutions act to increase their own power rather than the power of the institution itself.

A retarded baboon could understand it was in the long run best interests of the Democratic party as an institution to stand united against the bill. Yet 22 Democrats voted for it, thus passing it 70+ to 25.

Why? I guarantee you because in many cases the Democratic Senators don't like Moveon. It may be good for the party overall, but any new constituency usually creates enormous problems for those already in power. (At the least it requires you to spend time for their care and feeding.) Why would you want to change the status quo when you're the status quo? Far more appealing to take these interlopers down a peg.


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