Saturday, January 27, 2007

Innocent Canadian, kidnapped by US and tortured, wins apology and millions of dollars

But that's not good enough for the US and Gonzales:

The Guardian:

However, the US has refused to remove him from its terrorist watch list, despite repeated entreaties from the Canadian government. Mr Harper said Ottawa would continue to press Washington to remove Mr Arar from the list. "We think the evidence is clear that Mr Arar has been treated unjustly." He added that Washington had yet to provide its reasons for considering Mr Arar security threat.

That standoff may end in the US Congress, now under the control of the Democratic party, which has pressed the Bush administration to explain why it deported a Canadian citizen to Syria. The US attorney general, Alberto Gonzales, has said that such information may be revealed privately to members of the Senate judiciary committee. But Mr Arar is taking no chances. "I still avoid US air space," he told reporters yesterday.


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