Tuesday, November 21, 2006

One man's reason why Iran must be bombed

This article by Seymour Hersh goes into great detail about the Iran "problem" and what different folk think should be done about it. Though most experts think bombing Iran would be disasterous and fairly insane, some think Bush "has to bomb Iran" before leaving office, for various reasons. Here's one of the most interesting I've heard, from Ephraim Sneh, Israeli Deputy Defense Minister.
In an interview this month with the Jerusalem Post, Sneh expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of diplomacy or international sanctions in curbing Iran:

The danger isn’t as much Ahmadinejad’s deciding to launch an attack but Israel’s living under a dark cloud of fear from a leader committed to its destruction. . . . Most Israelis would prefer not to live here; most Jews would prefer not to come here with families, and Israelis who can live abroad will . . . I am afraid Ahmadinejad will be able to kill the Zionist dream without pushing a button. That’s why we must prevent this regime from obtaining nuclear capability at all costs.


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