Thursday, September 07, 2006

Israeli Physicist says Nuke first, Ask Questions Later

Changing nuclear equation - Opinion from Israel, Ynetnews

Ido Kanter:

Here's a scenario: Israel is attacked, by Syria for example, with conventional weapons of equal magnitude to tactical non-conventional weapon – for example, the firing of a thousand missiles, each weighing a ton, within a short period of time. The overall power of such assault is a kiloton (million kilos of explosives) and is of equal magnitude to a tactical nuclear bomb, which can be fired using a suitable cannon.

For the tiny Israel, with its high population density, the result of such assault in national terms could constitute a much graver disaster than what happened to Japan. This raises the question, which is theoretical but could become practical one of these days, of what is the appropriate response? A conventional attack with the power of a tactical nuclear attack, or perhaps a nuclear attack?

This question is relevant today more than it was in the past. There's no doubt the quantity of conventional arms that can be fired at all regions of the country by Hizbullah, Syria and Iran is of equal magnitude to the power of a tactical nuclear weapon. What's more, the quantity and quality of firing means will only be boosted in the near future, in light of the recent war's results.

Ahead of the public debate on the matter, we should know the following:

  • The mere discussion of the possibility of a nuclear response to a conventional attack of equal magnitude is the first means for breaking the current common conception that views nuclear arms as a "doomsday weapon" only. The mere raising of this question for public debate prepares the option of using it, and the expression of views both in favor and against it is an important tool available to decision-makers.


Blogger bunuelvis said...

love the blog, steve.

couple's-its in the Ray story.....

also in the present story: kiloton....gotta be thousand tons, no? not million kilos...I guess that's Ido Kanter's error, not yours......too bad.

Sorry about your mom. I'm glad you're through it, now. You did a great job.


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