Saturday, August 12, 2006

Intelligent Design: 'The Death of Science'

by Ker Than
"'The most basic problem [with ID] is that it's utterly boring,' said William Provine, a science historian at Cornell University in New York. 'Everything that's complicated or interesting about biology has a very simple explanation: ID did it.'

Evolution was and still is the only scientific theory for life that can explain how we get complexity from simplicity and diversity from uniformity.

ID offers nothing comparable. It begins with complexity—a Supreme Being—and also ends there. The explanations offered by ID are not really explanations at all, scientists say. They're more like last resorts. And, scientists argue, there is a danger in pretending that ID belongs next to evolution in textbooks.

'It doesn't add anything to science to introduce the idea that God did it,' Provine told LiveScience. Intelligent design 'would become the death of science if it became a part of science.'"


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