Saturday, July 08, 2006

Bush Slush Fund — Northern Trust?

This is the very tail end of a very very verrry long piece in about Nazi White Supremacists in the Armed Forces and various unsavory folk in BushCo.

Wayne Madsen Report - Home:
"On April 18, 2005, The Chicago Tribune ran a story on George W. Bush's 2004 Federal Income Tax Return. Bush listed his address as: Post Office Box 803968, Chicago, Illinois, 60680. The post office box is the downtown post office box of -- Northern Trust -- the financial group that held Enron's pension and other financial assets. It is also the holding company that maintains George W. Bush's blind trust. Bush money, Enron money, GOP right-wing PAC money, and God only knows what covert action funds, all handled by the same company. Its does sound all so familiar. Enron is dead and so is Ken Lay. Long live the new Bush slush fund -- Northern Trust. The question remains. What did Ken Lay know about Northern Trust? One can assume plenty. For the Bushes, its better that one dead man is now in a position to keep their secrets."


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