Saturday, June 24, 2006

Iraqi jailed under Saddam would prefer Iraq under Saddam to the way it is now

news from occupied Iraq::

: "National Public Radio foreign correspondent
Loren Jenkins, serving in NPR's Baghdad bureau,
met earlier this month with a senior Shiite cleric,
a man who was described in the NPR report as 'a
moderate' and as a person trying to lead his Shiite
followers into practicing peace and reconciliation.
He had been jailed by Saddam Hussein and forced
into exile. Jenkins asked him: 'What would you
think if you had to go back to Saddam Hussein?'
The cleric replied that he'd 'rather see Iraq under
Saddam Hussein than the way it is now.'"
What follows is a stunning list of things that Iraqis used to have that they no longer have. Good things. Things like an educated population. Health care. Food. Rule of Law. Civil Rights. Arms and Legs. Women's rights. Roads. Money. Drinking Water. Sewerage Disposal. Employment.
"Tell me, if you went into surgery to correct a knee problem and the surgeon mistakenly amputated your entire leg, what would you think if someone then asked you: Are you glad that you no longer have a knee problem? The people of Iraq no longer have a Saddam problem."


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