Friday, May 12, 2006

200 Middle East Experts Against Military Option in Iran

Sari Gelzer |
" Middle East Experts Against Military Option in Iran

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Friday 12 May 2006

On May 9th, 200 American Middle East experts sent a letter to the White House warning President Bush against threatening US military action against Iran.

'We started the letter out of a sense of frustration that the experts in the field were not being consulted as the US develops policy toward Iran,' explained Professor Ahmad Sadri, the coordinator of the project. 'This is the same mistake the US government made before going to Iraq. We're saying don't do that again.'

This group of scholars, academics, commentators, and former US government officials called on the Bush administration to enter into face-to-face negotiations with the government in Tehran.

'As the International Atomic Energy Agency has found no evidence of research or diversion of materials toward atomic weapons in Iran, concerns about future dual use of nuclear technology ought to be addressed in face to face negotiations,' said the letter."

Hope the warning works better than it did last time.


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