Saturday, March 25, 2006

New Orleans today

Firedoglake reports a striking story from a victim in New Orleans.

"...Sometimes I feel so damned alone, even with all these people out there who say they are so concerned about what is going on. That kind of concern is nice but it doesn’t really do anything. I’ve come across a couple of volunteer groups, some helping to feed people, some actually helping to fix houses. That, in my opinion is true concern, which develops into action.

"So, my fellow americans, what have you been doing for the past six months? What are you doing today? How about a phone call? How about a little legal help. As sure as Katrina, I can’t afford a lawyer. How about a little pressure on the federal government not just to answer for their lack of action, but to actually get up and do something. Everytime there’s a war overseas, I see people marching against it. Why don’t I see anyone marching against this war?"


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