Friday, February 03, 2006

Osama's just not himself these days

Must be the dialysis...

On this fascinating site, read an analysis of the premiere appearance before the world via video tape of that famous 1980s model Soviet-Fighting Freedom Fighter. This is when and where most of us were introduced to him, where we learned he was now a hateful villian claiming credit for the disaster of 9/11. But what makes you think that guy on the video tape was him?

The first four pictures, (A) through (D), are real verified actual photos of Osama in action at various events. (E), as anyone with functioning eyeballs can tell, has apparently suffered a head transplant. His nose, his cheeks, the shape of his head -- all wrong. It's a different guy, I tells ya!

Curiously, (E) is the one on the "Osama Confesses to 911" video.

Now, honestly, have you ever seen these pictures together before? What do you think now that you have?


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